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What We Do?

We offer a variety of asset based financial services to suit your needs.


Unlock the cash flow of your sales ledger with every invoice you acquire. While also removing the overhead of having to manage your sales ledger, and chase up clients for settlement of outstanding invoices by having us to do it for you.


A similar arrangement to invoice discounting, however all settlements are done via a trust account reflecting your company name, keeping your financial arrangements private.


Looking for peace of mind when buying or selling domestically and internationally? We can help by acting as intermediary and ensure a smooth process of the transaction.


We will perform factoring under your company name, keeping your financial arrangements private.


Similar to factoring however you retain responsibility for managing the sales ledger and chasing clients for settlement.


You have orders coming in but need finance upfront to fill and deliver those orders. We can remove that problem.


What Do I Need To Do?

Bridging Loans can seem complicated, so let us answer any questions you may have.

For further details of how bridging loans can work for your business, complete the few details below
and we will guide you through what is available.

What is a business loan?

A business loan can be obtained from a bank or a financial institution in order for a company to raise enough capital to establish, grow, or expand itself. The interest rate on a Business Bridging Loans is typically determined by the amount borrowed and the repayment period of the loan.

How do business loans work?

Every business relies on cash flow to function properly. Cash flow is critical for any business, regardless of its size. It’s perhaps the only thing in common between a large and a small business. Every Business needs to increase their cash flow from time to time. Businesses frequently cannot afford to purchase some of their assets up front, and in such a situation, Secured business loans assist businesses in acquiring resources to invest in and continue to grow.

How difficult is it to get a business loan?

A business loan helps to grow and expand your business, but the process of obtaining a business loan and tightened lending standards can be a herculean task. It is important to understand the eligibility criteria, the method of applying for the loan, and the way to find the right lender and compare business lenders so you can secure the business funding. A bridge loan is one such kind of loan that helps a business meet its current obligations before securing permanent financing. It is required to be backed by some kind of collateral, such as business inventory or real estate property. Bridging Finance loans are usually arranged within a short span of time and with little documentation.

What is a bridge loan?

Bridging loans are used when a person is required to pay for something while waiting for funds to become available from the sale of other commodity. For Quick business finance, if there is a lapse between buying a real estate property and selling another property, a Quick Bridging Loans can be taken to facilitate the purchase.

In such a situation, the original property will become the collateral for the bridge loan, and once long-term financing is available, it will be used to pay back the bridge loan as well as other capitalization requirements. Bridge loans are typically used in real estate to retrieve property from foreclosure or to quickly close on a property.

How does a bridge loan work?

A bridge loan basically "bridges" the gap between the time when a company's money is set to run out and when it can expect to receive an infusion of funds later on. Such kinds of financing are typically used to fulfil the short-term working capital requirements of a business. A bridging loan can be arranged in different ways. When a company is in a relatively solid position, they may have more options to get bridge loans than a company facing major distress. In order to obtain a bridging loan in the UK, a business is required to put up assets as security against the loan. Such security typically involves property or land. Some businesses are also able to use other kinds of high-value assets.

A lender provides a certain percentage of the value of the security provided by the borrower (business in this case). It is known as "loan to value" ratio, or LTV. Most lenders offer a maximum of 85% as the LTV. The lender will charge for the loan. The interest rate is based on the amount of the loan and how much risk the lender believes it is taking on by offering the loan.

The level of the risk is often based on your affordability and type of asset being used to secure the loan against. Typically, a borrower has to repay the full amount plus interest at the end of the loan period. However, some lenders may also take interest-only payments every month. There are also monthly bridging loans in which interest and capitol repayments are paid every month.

Obtaining a bridge loan is not the same as obtaining another type of loan. Yes, some lenders do expect a high credit score, tax returns, and a manageable debt-to-income ratio. Some lenders will assume that if you are already approved for a home loan, you are also approved for a bridge loan. The bridge loan lender will decide whether or not to offer you a loan based on various considerations. They will also assess your eligibility for a second mortgage. If they don't believe you can afford a second mortgage and a bridge loan, you won't be approved.

A Commercial Bridging Loan can typically be used for anything. But as these loans are short-term loans and may cost more than other forms of financing, they are commonly used for major purchases like property. A business may use a bridging loan to meet its day to day operational cost or pay for a large amount of stock that it will sell to a customer in the future.

At Quick Bridge, our team of business finance experts guides and assists you in finding the right product to suit your requirements. If you decide that a commercial bridge loan is right for you, we will help you find the best deal on the market. Our team of experts will do all the leg work for you in arranging and processing your loan while keeping you informed about the progress of your application. All you need to do is to provide your business name and postcode to get started, and we will help you at every step to get the right financial product to fulfil your requirements.